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Welcome to Vital Heart Ethiopia

Vital Heart Ethiopia is a recently formed, and an upcoming business group that runs cooperative and socially-aware businesses on different sectors.

Vital Heart Ethiopia is a big industrial complex with services ranging from Import and Export to provision of leadership trainings, consultancy, wood and wood manufacturing, real estate developnent, organising humanitarian services for local and international market. Vital Heart Ethiopia has its headquarters in Addis Ababa with a plan of opening branch offices in essential areas. The firm is working to expand its services country wide to contribute its share in the economic development of the country by the provision and opening of job opportunities for able citizens.

Our Services


Collaborative business ventures,

to increase the value and benefits through out ...


Rectify the brand of Ethiopia

in the gloal business stage and increase the value of "Made in Ethiopia"s


Creating and fascilitating

more businesses with social awareness and hence protect nature and ourselves

Our Services

Vital Heart imports vehicles which are permitted by the government proclamation and procedure. We strictly follow the rules and conditions which are strictly followed and approved by the government.

Vital Heart leather products Import & Export, your number one source for all leather products. We're dedicated on providing you with the ultimate quality of leather products.

Vital Heart Ethiopia imports different medical equipments with the aim to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the country and hence cut down on costs.


Textile Inputs

We supply different resources for the local textile industries.

Vital Heart Ethiopia supplies ready made products and raw materials for the furniture industry.

Vital Heart Ethiopia brings vast stationary products to the local market aiming to create market options and diversified products.

Vital Heart Ethiopia imports and supplies a range of construction materials specifically targeting sore gaps in the market.


Kasma Coffee

Vital Heart provides export standard best quality Arabica Coffee with the unique flavor of Ethiopian coffee, under the company Kasma Coffee

Vital Heart exports moringa leafs to the international market.

Vital Heart exports the abominal testing authentic Ethiopian spices to the foreign market and introduce the unique flavors of Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

Manuafacturing and Production

Wood Processing

Vital Heart works on processing and providing raw sawn wood for different uses

Manuafacturing and Production

Bambo Processing

Vital Heart provides high quality Bamboo for industrial production and also produce unique designs using Bamboo that are lasting for a long time and are stylish.

Manuafacturing and Production

Water Bottling

Vital Heart processes and packages high quality, refreshing and healthy bottled water to both the local and international market.

Travel and Hospitality

VitalHeart Tour and Travel

With its travel services company, Vital Heart promotes and exhibits the ever unfolding Ethiopian cities to the world.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotels and Resorts

Vital Heart aims to create an original brand franchise working all over the country hosting a consistent and trade mark service, and making the places an all-inclusive provisions.


Diagnostic Centers

Vital Heart provides diagnostic services by using state of the art medical imaging (X-ray, CT-Scan, MRI and etc) and testing (blood, body fluids, internal and external diagnosis) technologies with fully trained professionals.

Training and Consultancy

Leadership Training

Vital Heart organises leadership, self-development and academic trainings with experts following the set standards and technology.

Training and Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Vital Heart provides professional consultancy service on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Project Management, Waste Water Treatment,Water and Water Engineering, Ecohydrology, Echotheology, and Moringa Project and other related fields.

Additional Services

Mining and Petroleum

Vital Heart works on gold, silver, iron and marbel mining from different parts of Ethiopia and also work on petroleum production and purification.

Additional Services


Vital Heart cooperates in designing and building strong, long-lasting and modern homes and introduce them to the market. We also work as a real estate agent for real estate companies with finished buildings.

Additional Services


Vital Heart works to provide humanitarian and empowerment services to financially disadvantaged communities by building houses, schools and providing financial aid for people affected by drought and other natural causes.

Additional Services

Printing and Publishing

Vital Heart aims to work in the publication industry to provide a lite and fast printing services using the state-of-the-art technology.

Additional Services

Event Organising

Vital Heart arrages different government and non-government solicited events locally and internationally.

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Address: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Summit, Mana Building, 5th Floor - 505